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Diablo 2 a2 merc auror

diablo 2 a2 merc auror

heal them. At the top of the Hireling's Icon is their health bar. Each party member can have their own Hireling however bringing the total to 8 Mercenaries in a full game or party. In.10, mercs are all available for hire at levels near those of your character. Maybe the original names are dirty slang in some language? The Rogue from act 1 should also be the same except substitute Dexterity for Strength in the formulae. This post was edited by treetops422 on Jan :12pm cyberwars # 4, jan :12am, group: Member.

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diablo 2 a2 merc auror

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Bad Items Hirelings have no need for Mana/Energy Items or Items that Steal Mana. If Hirelings have any special abilities, they will be listed in the recruitment window. Unless you do physical damage then you want a might merc, which is nightmare offence. Vitality Items also do not work. Auras: These mercs have a variety of auras. Act 2 Mercenaries auras are based on the difficulty and then the label they have (Combat, Defense, Offense here is the list: Combat (Normal Prayer, combat (Nightmare Thorns, combat (Hell Prayer. When your Hireling is about to die, back away from battle and heal them.

diablo 2 a2 merc auror

Diablo II, they are. See the, mercenary, guide for detailed strategy, skill, equipment, and much more. Rogues (Act 1 archers Town Guards (. Act 2 spear carriers Iron Wolves (Act. There are three types available on each difficulty level, though the auras.

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