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västerås uppsala

are trains to the south, Arlanda, Stockholm and Linköping, to the northwest, Dalarna, and to the north Gävle, Sundsvall, Östersund and to the northern half of Sweden as well as sleeper trains to Narvik in Norway. In Brad Thor 's novel Full Black, Scot Harvath leads a black-ops team in Uppsala to gain intelligence and capture the leader of a terrorist cell. The present-day Uppsala was at that time known as Östra Aros and was a port town of Gamla Uppsala. There are few remains, with the exception of several huge burial mounds of pre-Christian monarchs and the previous cathedral from 1164.D., traditionally said to be lund universitet teologi built over the old heathen temple (and recent archaeological investigations seems to support this notion). Uppsalas highest recorded temperature was.4 C (99.3 F recorded in July 1933. The most outstanding building in Uppsala is the Domkyrka ( Uppsala Cathedral Scandinavia's largest church building (118.70 m (389.44 ft) high). At Fyrishov the city's basketball team Uppsala Basket also plays, former kfum Uppsala, their home games in the Swedish basketball league. The university has a famous anatomical theatre, constructed by the scientist and polymath Olof Rudbeck (16301702 in the old university building Gustavianum. While Uppsala has no airport of its own, Arlanda Airport is located about 30 km south of Uppsala. The facility includes areas for indoor sports, summer sport and a generous waterpark with waterslides, 50-meter pool, training pool, relaxation area and a large outdoor swimming pool. The building is now a museum.

The Gösta Knutsson children's book series Pelle Svanslös are set in Uppsala. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in the Scandinavian Peninsula, although the same temperature was recorded in Målilla, Sweden 14 years later. Higher education edit Universities edit Uppsala University. The meaning of the lion is uncertain but is likely connected to the royal lion, also depicted on the Coat of Arms of Sweden. Meanwhile, the built-up areas have expanded greatly, and some suburbanization has taken place.

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The coldest year ever recorded was 1867, with an average temperature.5 C (36.5 F). Uppsala is mentioned in German heavy metal band Rebellion 's song "Sweden". Mammas Meze, Karlsrogatan. According to ongoing measurements, the temperature has increased during the years as compared with the series. 10 The Gamla Uppsala Museum exhibits archeological finds made during excavations in Gamla Uppsala and related finds from other parts of Uppland, as well af lunds stipendier as exhibitions on the history of the site itself. Buy your train ticket online on Goeuro. For example, in January Uppsala has a daily mean.7 C (27.1 F).

You can help by adding. The university has 13 student fraternities, known as "nations each traditionally representing a geographical region of Sweden. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, main campus). Uppsala is mentioned in Raymond Chandler ' s novel Playback. 5 The city was severely damaged by a fire in 1702. Med ett team som utfört över 10 000 hårtransplantationer är vi på Lifetime Clinic stolta med att ha mest erfarenhet i Sverige. Facing the west end of the cathedral is the Gustavianum, built in 1625 to be the main building of the University, and served as such through most of the 19th century. London: Printed for.