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Helene lundgren, härnösand

helene lundgren, härnösand

Middlesbrough. Sheila advises that the name was correctly 'Gilhespie' rather than 'Gillespie' as reported. The webmaster has available a few Lloyd's Registers of the applicable period, ex Google Books, but only thru 1890/91 (see left). The business was at that location until 1864, when. While it early carried cod seal products to the.K. Upon arrival at Lyttleton on Oct. In 1945, the vessel was either sunk in an Allied air attack at Bremen or maybe was scuttled to block access to the port, but was re-floated salvaged in 1945 (or maybe Aug. I presume that John Fulcher must have been the vessel's captain for a period in or about 1869. Per 1 (data in Norwegian 2 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Was it a refrigerated ship when built? The vessel was seized.S.

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#1815 70 Margarita 2788 (or 2774) tons Hull Tilda Annette Fritzen 1903 A cargo ship. 95.7 metres long, 314., speed of hundveps norge bort 10 knots. Chadwick Sons' (collectively 'Chadwick were clearly the vessel's managers rather than the owners the true owners were 'Astral Shipping. of London renamed Tocantins. The vessel was sold, on Apl. As is confirmed by the Mercantile Navy List of 1890. 85 Wyvisbrook 3158 (or 3311) tons Hull Camberley Ryuto Maru 1912 A cargo ship.

helene lundgren, härnösand

Grundat av Dr Ola Schenstr m, f rfattare till Mindfulness i vardagen. Vinn en resa hela sommaren. Allt du beh ver g ra r ingenting.

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