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statsfinn Göteborg

of the English name in international contexts. 95 The Haga district Gothenburg's Haga district is known for its picturesque wooden houses 91 and its cafés serving the well-known abortmottagning Stockholm huddinge Haga bulle a large cinnamon roll similar to the kanelbulle. 29 The Gothenburg coat of arms was based on the lion of the coat of arms of Sweden, symbolically holding a shield with the national emblem, the Three Crowns, to defend the city against its enemies. "Dags för årets största bokfest". In December 2010 a petition for a local referendum on the congestion tax, signed by 28,000 citizens, was submitted to the City Council. 28 His son James Keiller donated Keiller Park to the city in 1906. 185 Transport edit Public transport edit Gothenburg's trams With over 80 km (50 mi) of double track, the Gothenburg tram network covers most of the city and is the largest tram / light rail network in Scandinavia.

Retrieved "Tilldelningsbeslut fattat för upphandlingen "Region- och pendeltåg i Väst 2010". Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 September 2015. Petersburg, Russia, 1962 Bergen, Norway, 1946 Krakw, Poland, Rostock, Germany, 1965 Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality (Port Elizabeth South Africa With Lyon (France) there is no formal partnership, but "a joint willingness to cooperate". The Gothenburg Film Festival, volleyboll malmö held in January since 1979, is the leading Scandinavian film festival with over 155,000 visitors each year. It lies north of Gothenburg and is isolated from the rest of the city. 162 With around 25,000 sailboats and yachts scattered about the city, sailing is a popular sports activity in the region, particularly because of the nearby Gothenburg Archipelago.