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Smoothstep glsl es

smoothstep glsl es

fast-moving animated graphics, and real-time computer graphics has come a long way rendering impressive graphics on typical consumer hardware using cheap tricks that approximate the behavior of light without simulating it perfectly. Finally the examples are presented. So consider this tutorial as a gentle introduction to the theme. X, -0.5) / ; / vec2 center circle.

The square root of the sum of the squared components. The sum of ambient and diffuse effect colors is then multiplied by the surface's diffuse color to give the shaded result. For a point with Cartesian coordinates (x, y) the function returns the angle of the same point with polar coordinates (r, ). Xy) * scale center; ricoh theta S ricoh theta S #version 150 core / / ricoh theta S / / uniform vec2 gap; / uniform vec4 screen; / uniform float focal; / uniform mat4 rotation; / uniform vec4 circle; / uniform sampler2D image; / vec2. If the dot product is greater than zero, it is multiplied by the diffuse color of the light, and the result is multiplied with the surface diffuse color to get the shaded result.